College GC
1602 Morrow Lane at 6:30pm
Led By – Hannah Green, Sophie McCannon, Zach Pendleton
Contact –


College GC
601 E North 20th st. at 8:00pm
Led By – Rebecca McIntosh, Travis Mack, Grace-Ann Combs, Greg Johnston
Contact –


College GC
2567 Pine St. Apt. 2110 at 7:00pm
Led By – Jackson Sanford, Madison Wommack
Contact –

Cook/McLean GC
Stephen and Nancy’s House at 6:00pm
Led By – Stephen & Nancy Cook / Marc & Sarah McLean
Contact -

Sheets GC
Zach & Kara Sheet’s House at 6:00pm On 1st and 3rd Wednesdays
Led By – Zach & Kara Sheets
Contact - and

Chapman GC
Noah & Allena Chapman’s House at 7:30pm
Led By – Noah & Allena Chapman
Contact –


College GC
1125 Piedmont Dr. at 7:00pm
Led By – Bobbie Wright, Jock Rowland, Hannah Scherr
Contact –

Sitzes GC
Tyler and Maggye’s House at 6:00pm
Led By – Tyler & Maggye Sitzes
Contact -

Goettsch GC
Paden and Lindsi's House at 6:15pm
Led By – Paden & Lindsi Goettsch
Contact – 

Brandt GC
Jacob & Tera Brandt’s House at 6:00pm
Led By – Jacob & Tera Brandt
Contact –

Salmon GC
Ben and Brittany Salmon’s House at 5:30pm
Led By – Ben and Brittany Salmon
Contact –


Owens GC
The Well Abilene at 4pm
Led by – Ryan and Kindall Owens
Contact –

Wood GC
Larry and Marianne Wood’s House at 12:30
Meet the 2nd Sunday of each month
Led By – Larry and Marianne Wood
Contact –