We believe that the gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ having come to earth to live the perfect life that no one could live, die the death that all people deserve, so that through His resurrection all who believe receive eternal life no human could earn.

On a larger scale, the Gospel is the story of God’s plan to fully restore His creation which was terminally corrupted by sin. With this in mind, we believe that the gospel is more than the beginning point of the Christian faith. The gospel is the message that sustains us throughout our life as Christians. The gospel is not just a message that frees us from sin’s penalty, but is the means by which believers are released from sin’s power. The message of the gospel tells us how we are made right with God and is the power that frees us to find our ultimate joy in Him. The gospel is not just A message of Christianity, but rather is THE message of the Christian faith.

Community & Mission


We believe that community and mission are not just activities in which we engage, but rather are natural responses that flow from hearts that have been transformed by the gospel. If you are around here long enough you will hear us say that “community and mission are two sides of the same coin.” We are convinced that hearts changed by the gospel and indwelled with the Holy Spirit will have a natural desire for community and be driven into a life of mission. When hearts have been made new by Jesus, Christian community becomes the fuel for Christian mission, and its Christian mission that gives life to your Christian community. Community and mission do not exist apart from one another. They are complementary responses flowing from the same source of gospel change.

Community is cultivated as we live our lives out in front of one another, practicing the art of confession and repentance. This kind of loving, vulnerable community leads to lives characterized by a freedom that comes only from redemption found in Jesus.

Mission is simply what the Christian life looks like in the world around us. All Christians have been called to the task of disciple making whether in Africa, Moldova ,or Abilene. We all have been called to engage those around us with the Gospel.