Looking for Community?

Over and over again, the Bible calls God’s people to live in healthy community with each other.  The Old Testament has the overarching theme of God gathering his people. The Gospels are filled with stories of Jesus teaching his disciples how to live in community with each other (among other things). The rest of the New Testament contains letters and instructions on how the people of God should love, encourage, correct, and challenge each other as they live out their lives on mission. We want to be a faithful part of that long tradition of community. That’s why we have Gospel Communities…

What is a Gospel Community?

Gospel Communities (GC’s for short) are small groups of people from The Well who gather together to encourage each other to see the Gospel take root in their lives. Is it like a small group? Yes! But its also much more. Our GC’s are committed to the study of scripture, Biblical community, and supporting each other in everyday mission. Just like the Well, Gospel Communities are committed to Gospel, Community and Mission.

Interested in joining a GC?

You can fill out the connection form below for more help and guidance, or send us an email here.


Brandt GC
Led by – Jacob & Tera Brandt

Cook/McLean GC
Led by – Stephen & Nancy Cook and Marc & Sarah McLean

Cornett/Dudensing/Vine GC
Led by – Matt & Sarah Cornett, Abby Dudensing, and Billy & Virginia Vine

Sheets/Brown/Leavell GC
Led by – Zach & Kara Sheets, Gary & Kathy Brown, and Mac & Kasey Leavell

Sitzes GC
Led by – Tyler & Maggye Sitzes

Thornton/Collins GC
Led by – Darby and Emma Thornton

Wood GC
Led by – Larry & Marianne Wood

Wood GC
Led by – Owen and Sue Wood

Yurrita GC
Led by – Santi & Natalie Yurrita