The hope for The Well’s College Ministry is to teach students what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

We want our College Students to live a life of Mission and Community empowered by the reality of the Gospel. Just as for The Well as a whole, Gospel Community Groups are the primary venue by which we intentionally live out these values as a local church. GC’s provide an opportunity for students to connect with each other in an environment that emphasizes scripture, prayer, worship and fellowship. College-focused GC’s meet on a weekly basis and are led humbly by other students whose lives reflect a love for Christ, his Word, and his people, though students are encouraged to join multigenerational GC’s as well.

To find out the times and addresses our GC’s meet, go to The Well Abilene App, and follow our Instagram page @thewellcollege and Facebook The Well College – Abilene TX, or send us an email at for any other questions!

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