The hope for The Well’s college ministry is to connect faith and life in preparation for life after graduation.

College is a transitional stage in our students’ lives. Thereby, our college ministry seeks to give opportunities for our students to learn from people in the larger church how the kingdom of God is present in every area of our lives. It is within the larger church that our students witness what life will look like as it is modeled by older disciples of Jesus.

Opportunities to Connect

Every freshmen is introduced to our church by having the opportunity to join a Freshmen Gospel Community (a.k.a small group). Every sophomore, junior, and senior is expected and challenged to join the life of the church through Multigenerational Gospel Communities. Aside from these avenues, the college ministry meets on Tuesday Nights for our College Gathering at 7pm, at 137 Mesquite St. There we worship and learn how to follow Jesus in all of our lives.

Get Connected!

College Gospel Communities

Thursdays 6:00pm, 1741 Lincoln Drive

Allison, Emma, Jacob
Sundays 7:00pm, 1226 Washington Blvd

Tooth, Rylie
Thursdays 6:00pm, 1918 University Blvd

Liam, Hope, Christina
Thursdays 6:00pm, 2201 Lincoln Dr

You can learn more and contact us directly via our instagram page @thewellcollege or by sending us an email at

The College Ministry Team